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How It Works

Your customers receive a simple survey question. They respond about their experience with your product/service and if it’s positive they’re asked to post a review online!

Our Proprietary Proven Formula

Step One

Simply add your customers. All you need is their phone or email address to get started.

Input your recent customer’s name and email address and/or cell phone number into the form and sit back while our proprietary review funnel does the rest. Zero technical skills required.




Step Two

Customers receive a simple single-question survey via text message and/or to their inbox.

Your recent customer responds sharing their experience about your product/service and based on predetermined settings, are routed to post a review online or a company branded page matching the sentiment of their feedback!


Step Three

Positive responders are immediately asked to leave a review on top sites like Google, Yelp or Facebook.

Our proprietary software automatically launches the application or page instantly on your customer’s mobile device or desktop browser.


Negative responders are directed to a feedback form and asked how your business can improve based on their experience.

Our proprietary feedback funnel catches any potentially negative reviews before they can show up online.



Step Four

Complete Reputation Management Platform.

Manage customer feedback and online reviews in one simple to understand dashboard that displays your overall feedback and online rating score of your business. Email and text alerts notify you and your staff to new ratings or reviews as soon as they happen.

Complete Online Control Of Your Business Information


Business Listings Management

When customers search online for where your business is located and how they can reach you, they often view your business listings across the web. These consist of the basic and enhanced information gathered and reported about your business across multiple sites, maps and mobile apps.

This information needs to be accurate and as up to date as possible to help drive prospects and customers to call or visit your physical location.

Unfortunately, for most business owners, these listings often contain basic errors, can be incongruent across multiple sites, or are missing altogether. That winds up costing you in missed opportunities, the loss of new customers, and less revenue simply because your local information is out-of-sync.

Once updated in your dashboard, your information is in our system and we’ll continuously communicate with the directories to ensure your business information is accurate, locked in, and remains that way.

When a prospective customer searches for your business online, the results that appear will be accurate, up-to-date, and congruent across all of the major sites and directories — leading to better customer experience and less friction between prospects and your front door.

Review Monitoring


Real Time Email Review Alerts

Social Media


Share Reviews On Top Social Media

Reputation Loop helps you spread the word about your business by socially sharing your recent positive feedback and new reviews with your Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ followers. You control what’s being shared with our manual or automatic settings.


Automated Review & Feedback Posting

Automate the share process easily by determining which feedback and reviews to share, how often to share them, and the maximum number to share each day.

Have a hot new review that you want to share with your followers immediately? Manually spread the word at the push of a button right from your main dashboard.


Attention Grabbing Social Media Posts

Each shared review includes an image of the rating and content, further driving customer engagement and increasing your overall likes and shares.

These interactive posts highlights and positively reinforces your company and brand.


Review Feed For Your Website

Using our website plugin, you’ll instantly have the ability to stream recent feedback and reviews from your reputation management dashboard and place them prominently on your company website.

This ensures prospective customers will see all the positive feedback, ratings, and reviews that you have earned in one location.


Complete Brand Control

You’ll select and control the Feedback and Reviews a prospect sees using our filter and suppression settings.

This removes duplicate reviews and prevents a review that may have less than professional wording from being shown.


Microsite Review Integration

Feedback and reviews are streamlined to your microsite based on the applied settings that match your main company website.

Your microsite shows the average rating of total feedback and reviews and provides the consumer with an overall star rating.


External Feedback Page Integration For Collecting New Reviews

If a customer would like to provide feedback and share details about their recent experience while on your website or microsite, they simple click the “Leave A Review” button.

This takes them to your company branded external feedback page to start the feedback loop process.

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