Inside ListReports: Meet Naveen!

We’re delighted to introduce you to Naveen! He is one of the product experts here at ListReports, and he is dedicated to helping customers like you learn how ListReports can help transform your business.

Outside of the office, Naveen loves going to the gym — it’s like his second home! He also loves eating healthy, which for him comes down to weighing and measuring his food and eating lots of eggs.

Naveen’s dream home:

“My dream home would be overlooking a beach front with a strong modern and rustic decor. I’m all about a stunning great room with an open design and lots of sunshine coming into the home.”

What the team had to say about Naveen:

“Naveen is a friendly guy that can always put a smile on your face.” — Rod, Customer Success

“I don’t think there are many people out there that simply have so much joy and positivity but Naveen is one of them. His work ethic, positive attitude and huge biceps are always an inspiration. He can be juggling about a million things on this plate while doing burpees and still make time to listen and help you out no matter who you are. He’s just an amazing guy that I always feel very lucky to have at ListReports.” — Alyssa, Design

“Naveen has a strong desire and willingness to lead the team to massive success. His ability to accommodate, even when it is not easy or convenient, assures others of a continuing, enjoyable, and successful relationship.” — Jon, Customer Development

Want to be Naveen’s teammate? You’re in luck — we’re hiring.

Inside ListReports: Meet Naveen! was originally published in The ListReports Blog on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

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Introducing Your Updated Dashboard

Have you logged in to your ListReports account lately? If so, you may have noticed that we’ve given your dashboard a facelift! Over the last few months we’ve been working diligently on updating our agent and lender dashboards so that they’re easier to use. Our goal was to create a simple, navigable experience that will empower you to get your work done more quickly and efficiently.

Less clutter, more clarity

We’ve streamlined the interface of your dashboard so that you’ll be able to more easily navigate our product. Structurally your dashboard is the same; we’ve merely simplified the design and color palette so that your primary action items (like creating a new ListReport) are highlighted and easier to find.

Activity Feed separated from Relationships

Activity Feed is now part of your primary dashboard navigation

Lenders and agents paired with Elite subscribers will notice that the Activity Feed tab has been separated from the Relationships section and now has its own dedicated page! When you log in to your dashboard you’ll be able to navigate to Activity Feed directly from the primary navigation menu.

Updated Resources

Resources is a great place to browse our frequently asked questions, learn more about product updates and new features, and sign up for hands-on experience with webinars. If you can’t find what you’re looking for in the Resources section, you can always contact one of our friendly customer support team members and they’d be happy to help you out.

Speaking of resources, check out our video below that highlights all of these updated dashboard features:

We’re confident that this new dashboard design will help you to have a more delightful ListReports experience. Comment below and let us know what you think!

Introducing Your Updated Dashboard was originally published in The ListReports Blog on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

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3 Bedroom Staging Tips That Will Get Potential Buyers Excited About Your Home

3 Bedroom Staging Tips That Will Get Potential Buyers Excited About Your HomeArranging an open house is one of the most important parts of selling your home, but there can be a lot of tricks involved in staging it so you’ll get the right offers. While the kitchen and the living room may be a bit more straightforward, here are some tips for staging your bedroom that will be sure to get buyers interested in making an offer on your home.

Brighten The Bedding

It’s one thing to have makeshift bedding when you only have your family to impress, but when it comes to having an open house, you’ll need to be prepared to make a statement. Instead of a mish-mash of colors and styles, ensure that you have one style and one look you’re going for, and ensure that it’s not cluttered with too many pillows and colors. You’ll also want to make sure the colors you choose match the rest of the décor in your room so the viewer isn’t distracted by the sight.

Minimize The Clutter

Few things will swallow the space in your bedroom like a lot of clutter, so it’s important to clear out any extras from your room before you have any viewers. While it’s a given that you’ll want to get rid of extra papers and anything additional that’s obstructing the eye, it’s also important to clear out any oversized pieces of furniture. It’s possible that you have a chaise lounge you’re in love with, but if it swallows the room, you may want to re-consider it when staging time comes.

Don’t Forget About The Walls

There are few things that will illuminate a room like a good piece of art, so ensure that your favorite space isn’t entirely empty when it comes the time to stage your home. While you won’t want to have something that’s too dramatic or colorful, ensure that it’s something that matches the color and style of your room and will help to illuminate the elements that make it ideal. It’s also important to choose the right size of print so that it doesn’t completely overwhelm your space.

There are a lot of small details that go into staging a home properly, but you can be sure to show your bedroom effectively by keeping it clutter free and making it match.

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Inside ListReports: Meet Heidi

Heidi, our Office Manager, is extraordinary. She embodies the most wonderful aspects of the ListReports culture. She is thoughtful, kind, helpful, and sweet. Her bright laughter fills our office, and her hard work and determination pushes all of us to succeed. The ListReports team can do their best work because Heidi has built such a strong foundation for us. She puts so much thought and care into her work, and we are delighted that she is our teammate.

“I dream of living in a ranch style home in Tuscany, Italy. Vineyards, lush trees, and rich views of the rolling hills of Montalcino surround the rustic brick home. I would have an infinity pool in the backyard and a nice entertainment area for large family gatherings. The home decor would be dark rustic reds, tans, and a hint of white linen. Every room would have an elaborate chandelier reflecting the unique character of each room. The dining room would have a large ranch style table to fit 20 people. The villa would have 5 bedrooms and a theater room for movie nights. The kitchen would have a butler area and a walk-in pantry for food storage and the most amazing dual refrigerator. Let’s not forget the wine cellar to hold all our prized collections of wines.”

Want to be Heidi’s teammate? You’re in luck — we’re hiring.

Inside ListReports: Meet Heidi was originally published in The ListReports Blog on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

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An agent’s role as an area expert

Be your area’s expert

We’re committed to agents. We believe that agents are instrumental in creating memorable home buying and selling experiences. We’ve written about the importance of agents in the past and have touched on the changing landscape of home buying. What we said in the past remains true: An agent brings great value to buyers by offering guidance when clients make the biggest financial decision of their lives. Agents play many roles in the home buying and selling experience, and one of the biggest parts they play is the role of an area expert.

What it means to be an area expert

An area expert is an agent that has advanced knowledge, insight, or experience with a specific area of home buying. It’s a common misconception that area experts are focused solely on home locations. Here are a few areas in which agents have gained expertise:

  • Education area experts focus on school districts and can provide insight on student performance, IEPs, quality of education, and special programs. Describing school transitions from elementary to middle school and high school can help establish an agent as an area expert in education.
  • Working with specific demographics, such as young families, first-time buyers, and millennials, is another area agents focus on to ensure that their recommendations and property searches target the particular needs of their clients. Young families may want to be closer to parks and recreational activities while younger populations may be drawn to places where there is a strong nightlife.
  • Specializing in working with a specific profession helps paint a picture for your clients and their unique needs. Medical professionals, for example, need extremely quiet environments where their sleep won’t be disrupted if they work unique shifts. Proximity to hospitals and traffic conditions are considerations that these area experts take into account when working with these professionals.

How to become an area expert

  • Spend time in targeted areas by engaging in daily activities, such as grocery shopping, scoping out the area on weekends, and driving through the neighborhoods on weekdays to understand traffic.
  • Select the right area by carving out a niche for yourself. Whether you’re interested in working with young families, investors, or people with specific needs (e.g. equine properties), having a specialty helps differentiate you from other agents in the area.
  • Talk to residents and buyers. The best way to understand an area, whether it’s a specific location or a broader area of home buying, is to speak with involved parties. Asking residents what it’s like to live and work in a city informs your ability to recommend areas to your buyers.
  • Set up text drips to get a feel for what’s happening in your area. With ListReports, you can get text drips for Recently Sold and Just Listed properties. Keeping on top of properties in your area means you’ll have advanced knowledge of prices and availability.

As an agent, you have a unique perspective and working knowledge that comes from years of observing trends, absorbing information, and listening to clients. Your expertise is valuable and can help someone find their dream home.

Take the first step to becoming an area expert by signing up for a FREE ListReports account.

An agent’s role as an area expert was originally published in The ListReports Blog on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

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We’re delighted by Harry Potter

Delightfulness is at the core of the ListReports culture. Whether we build amazing features or create fun videos, we enjoy finding ways to sprinkle a bit of magic in our work. We encourage our team to delight not only users but also each other.

A recent example of our commitment to delightfulness comes in the form of a ListReport inspired by a favorite book series. Wendy, our Art Director, read that 4 Privet Drive went up for sale and wished that we were big enough to have ListReports in the UK. Because how cool would it be to have a ListReport for 4 Privet Drive?

Denise, our Production Manager, Wessal, our COO, and Esther, our Lead Designer came together to create this:

Delivery by Pepe post
Wendy receives a letter

Pulling property photos and information from real estate websites and language from the book series, Denise created a ListReport for 4 Privet Drive to surprise Wendy.

4 Privet Drive promotional flyer

This small act of delightfulness put a smile on all our faces, and we’ve shared the property website with other Harry Potter fans. From the Gringotts lender information to the spell that unlocks the listing, this charming ListReport captures our culture and excitement about our mission: to make buying and selling a home a truly delightful experience.

Our love of Harry Potter flows throughout our company, and we use references as placeholders while we work on final designs for our users. While you see photos and information for Just Listed or Recently Sold listings, the ListReports team sees the following designs when building new features:

The Harry Potter references in prototypes, wireframes, and designs remind us of our commitment to create wonderful and memorable experiences for our users. The excitement the ListReports team would feel upon seeing Hogwarts for sale could match a client’s excitement of seeing their dream home for sale. Keeping these happy hypothetical thoughts in mind helps us figure out how we want to present data to our users. We know that these text alerts could contain someone’s dream home, so creating beautiful designs is one step to make buying and selling a home a truly delightful experience.

We’re delighted by Harry Potter was originally published in The ListReports Blog on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

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Inside ListReports: Meet Adi

We’re delighted to introduce you to Adi, one of our incredibly talented engineers!

Adi’s personality brightens up every room he enters. His wide smile, sharp wit, and happy humor are just a few reasons why we adore Adi. He has a kind of calmness and sturdiness that reminds us of a weathered lighthouse that’s always around to guide others. Whether he generously lends his knowledge to help a stranger learn programming or spends time preparing for a meeting, Adi is someone you can rely on and trust. He is dependable and friendly, and we’re pleased as punch that he’s our teammate.

Adi’s dream house is somewhere in the mountains, next to a stream where he can view the sunset every evening. He would like a modern, minimalist decor with open spaces, a backyard barbeque area, and a fireplace.

“Adi is a great technologist and problem solver. A better friend and a great advocate for our team.” — Duong, Engineering

“The guy’s a true mensch!” — Charlie, Growth

If you’d like to be Adi’s teammate — you’re in luck! We’re hiring.

Inside ListReports: Meet Adi was originally published in The ListReports Blog on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

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Yes, It’s True! Why Replacing Your Front Door Can Help to Sell Your Home Faster

Yes, It's True! Why Replacing Your Front Door Can Help to Sell Your Home FasterThere are plenty of things that you’ll need to shape up when you embark on selling your home, whether it’s painting the house or the minor fix-ups, but it’s easy to forget about some items that will be readily apparent to homebuyers. If you’re preparing to put your home on the market and are wondering what you shouldn’t miss, here are a few reasons why replacing your front door should be at the top of the list.

It’s The First Thing Buyers Will Notice

While the yard and the exterior of your home may be the most noticeable things to a potential homebuyer when they visit your home, the door will be one of the most imposing things they come across. Because this will be the access point for your home, the quality and stability of your door will create the first impression, good or bad. If you happen to have a flimsy or poorly designed door that is aging, it may be time to invest in something more substantial that will create a positive impression.

A Sense Of Safety

An aesthetically appealing door may be pretty important when it comes to making an instant impression, but a solid door will be key in providing potential buyers with an idea of safety and stability. One of the most important things for homebuyers when it comes to purchasing a home is the sense of security it provides, and a sturdy door will go a long way towards making your community and the potential new dwelling feel like a welcome abode.

Increases Your Home’s Value

There are plenty of small renovations you can take on that will bump up the value of your home, but replacing an unsound door is important because most homeowners won’t to make this upgrade right away. While it may seem like buying a door will be a significant splurge, there are actually many great options for a relatively economical price. It’s just important to find something that won’t break the bank and will fit in with your renovation budget.

When it comes times to sell your home, there are many renovations that can instantly bump up its value. However, many people forget that the door provides one of the first impressions and a sense of security and comfort.

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5 Tips for Crafting a Counter-offer That Doesn’t Scare Away a Potential Home Buyer

5 Tips for Crafting a Counter-offer That Doesn't Scare Away a Potential Home BuyerIf you’ve recently put your home up for sale, one of the most exciting parts of the selling process is getting an offer. However, all is not said and done once you’ve received an offer, as you’ll probably want to negotiate a better price. If you’re wondering how you can counter without losing a potential buyer, here are some tips when the time comes to negotiate.

Lower Your Price (A Little)

As a seller, it’s important to believe in the price you’ve put your home on the market for, but lowering your asking price after getting an offer will tell the potential buyer that you’re flexible. While you may not want to compromise too much, you’ll have to move a bit to keep them interested.

Pay For Closing Costs

There are so many costs involved in home ownership that many people are tired of all the associated fees of buying a home by the time it comes to closing. Instead of budging on your price, offering to pay for the closing costs can serve as a significant financial benefit for many buyers.

Hold Off On Offers

It can be a risky strategy, but choosing a specific day to consider offers can create a healthy competition for your home, and may stimulate interest without losing potential buyers. While you’ll want to be careful how you navigate this, it can work out well when it comes to bumping up the offers.

Provide An Expiration Date

Most counter-offers come with a timeframe that will allow those interested to accept the deal; however, consider adjusting this period to a timeframe that will work better for you. While you shouldn’t wait too long, a period of more than one day will tell the potential buyer that you want your home to be the right choice for them.

Be Reliable And Responsive

For an interested homebuyer, there’s nothing worse than having a home-seller that is not responsive to their offer. Instead of sitting on an offer too long, ensure you’re letting interested parties know that you’re considering their offer and will get back to them as soon as you’ve made a decision.

The art of negotiating can be complicated when it comes to selling your home, but by being responsive and showing flexibility, you may be able to get the offer you’re looking for.

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Introducing photo selector!

Meet photo selector

We’re delighted to announce the release of photo selector, a much-anticipated feature. Photo selector gives you the ability to select and upload the top three photos for your marketing material when requesting a new ListReport or editing an existing one.

Once you enter your listing address, the ListReports team gets to work finding property photos. If we find them, you can pick the ones you want to use or upload your own. The Photo Selection Tool is OPTIONAL, and the Production Team will happily find and arrange property photos on your behalf if you’d like a full-service experience. We made updating the photos on an existing report super simple by allowing you to make instant changes on the Edit Report Page.

We hope this feature makes your ListReports as pretty as a picture!

Team ListReports

Request a picture perfect ListReport today!

Introducing photo selector! was originally published in The ListReports Blog on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

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