Hello, I’m Addicted to Cinemagraphs

It’s no secret I’ve been a long time supporter of the almighty animated GIF to punch up a post or email.  I’ve found myself in many debates whether the GIF has a place in a video fed social society and it wasn’t always an easy position to take an advocate stance. These days I always fall back on advertising uses and measured clicks against static images.  But most of the haters don’t realize how far these obnoxious, blinky images have come since you followed emo bands on MySpace.



This is what most associate with an animated GIF.  Not very sophisticated but Cory Arcangel‘s Super Mario Clouds is one of the most iconic animated GIFs today.  These clouds come from Nintendo’s Super Mario Brothers game, and relate to Arcangel’s early work hacking Nintendo games. Like many GIFs, this one is best viewed when tiled; a seamless page full of clouds is far more visually appealing than an isolated cube. Either way, the simple beauty of this sky paired with a now-dim nostalgic memory makes this GIF extremely effective.

The Cinemagraph

It was this simple art that paved the way for the next digital renaissance.  Enter the Cinemagraph.  An artful blend of animation and still photography worthy of our clicks, views, likes and shares.  Inventors Kevin Burg and Jamie Beck have possibly launched the next huge fad in social and web advertising.  These images will no doubt stop you mid scroll and have already proved to be formidable campaigns in fashion, travel, and lifestyle media companies.  This Instagram campaign for Stuart Weitzman amassed over 1,600 comments and 60,000 likes from fans.
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Make Your Own

If this medium has got your inner creative jumping, you can get your next Cinemagraph ad campaign going by making your own with Flixel’s Cinemagraph Pro for Mac.  In fact, you can get the free trial and get started today.  I can’t wait to see what’s in store for our greatest talents in art and design.  I’m excited to share what we create for the luxury real estate market soon!



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